Simple design,
Golden ratio

Turksat Kablo is the second biggest TV, Internet and communication provider of the Turkey with more than 1.8 million subcribers. After almost 15 years, Turksat decided to change it's face with more dynamic, colorful and fun looking. After researching and trial of more than 100 design works, we decided on the most simple choice. Mathematically correct, functionally fun. Just like the services that Kablo provides.

All new looking
from head to
the toe.

After we decided on the main logo design, we started to redesign every single item that Kablo has like from their service trucks on the road to the pencils in their offices. Including the full package branding project, Kablo branch offices redesigned in interior and exterior basis. Transformation of Kablo took almost 16 months from head to the toe. 



As a new philosophy of kablo, We needed to express the fun and happiness via new design. Our brief was to make people feel energic, relaxed and happy when they step in to the Kablo branch or see Kablo in any type of visual channel. Brief was a little complex but is there any problem in the world that one little smile can't solve 🙂

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