Basketball meets karaoke

When Turkish Airlines knocked our doors to request a campaign for promoting their Japanese basketball league BJ League sponsorship, a question appeared within our minds. Basukettoke, which blends Japanese karaoke culture with Turkish tribune culture, emerged as a dance that reflects this universal communication and sharing tool.

An idea that
makes you dance
right away

As a formation of all these elements, we shared our Basukettoke dance with Japanese basketball fans on And invited them to become a part of this celebration. For helping them to learn Basukettoke movements, we prepared a guidance video with an instructor who we named as Basukettoke Master. We encouraged fans to prepare their own Basukettoke videos and share these videos with their friends. At the end of the day, not only the Japanese basketball fans, but also the Japanese bloggers even the BJ League basketball players recorded their videos with great excitement.


Tokyo loved and danced

While our dance was rapidly spreading among fans, The Final Four week to show their Basukettoke skills finally came. We succeeded lots of entertaining and unforgettable activities during final matches. Among these activities, the most important of all was to use jumbotrones for showing Basukettoke movements, and create beautiful choreographies with the participation of whole stadium.